Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A visit to Grandma's house

Next week, Mila is going to stay at Mike’s mum’s place while we head off on an overseas holiday for a bit. If I could, I would bundle her up and take her with me, but she would take up all of my luggage allowance (and some) just on her own…and where would I keep my shoes??!  So it’s off to Grandma’s (!!) house for some R&R – life’s tough when you’re a greyhound, isn’t it?!

Grandma’s house is a lot of fun (there are internal stairs to hoon up and down, a yard to run around in and a BIG RED RUG that is the most comfortable thing in the world to laze about on) so I have no doubt that Mila will have a good time without us. She may not even want to come home at the end of it… I am eternally grateful to Mike’s mum for agreeing to look after Mila for such a long period of time. We are away for 28 days and the kennel bill for that period of time was going to be a huge one, so it is fantastic to have someone who is willing to give up her time for us (thanks Mum!!!). Other family members have offered their services too, whether it be for walks or back-up accommodation – so that is really nice too.

The house is starting to look pretty empty already!!
I have spent some time over the last week putting together a list of things that Mila needs to take with her on her excursion (in addition to trying to get myself organised of course). It has made me realise just how much “dog stuff” we have accumulated over the past 5 months and how much greyhounds LOVE their accessories. Mila will have to make do without a few of her creature comforts (the big green couch in particular) while she is away – but she will still have quite a bit of luggage to take along with her. So far, we have a bag with muzzles, food treats, doggy do bags, carpet cleaner (just in case), a brush, dental sticks and her most favourite squeaky toys. Add to that – bedding, pyjamas, raincoat, regular food, her kong, food bowl and crate – and she is going to end up with more stuff packed than we will! Fair to say, our house will be pretty empty by the time we leave.

In case you were worried, Otis the bunny is being looked after too – by my sister who is house-sitting for us while we are away (thanks!!!). I’m sure Otis will appreciate having a bit of a break from the inquisitive Mila and from having to pretend that she is big and tough all the time.

Can I pleeeease take Trevor with me??
So, it will be radio silence here for a while as we swan off to enjoy our respective adventures - but I can guarantee that we will have plenty of stories to share upon our return (if Mila remembers us of course!)

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  1. I hope you're going somewhere warm! And don't forget to bring Mila a pressie back;) It sounds as though everyone is going to be well looked after and you'll be able to enjoy your holiday without worrying about them ... too much, lol!

    Beryl's next collar is probably going to come from an Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheEclecticHound. I actually like the GAP collar design a lot but Beryl prefers to have a more exclusive collar;) If I get her something from the US she knows she's not going to run into another similarly dressed hound. The Eclectic Hound uses co-ordinating hardware for their collars, which is a nice touch. I've seen one of their collars and they're very well made. The new ones I just got Frankie and Beryl come from http://www.2houndsdesign.com/ who have a large selection but they're a bit bulky due to the satin lining. Beryl prefers a sleeker look. She is very particular!

    Have a great time and we're looking forward to reading all about your holiday and what Mila gets up to while you're away!