Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Summer of Hounds

Mila and Chris have crammed so much into their summer so far that, rather than tell you about their adventures, I thought it was best just to let the photos do the talking. Something about pictures painting words... Anyway, hope you have all had a fabulous festive season and are making the most of the AMAZING weather we are having at the moment. Here's what the hounds have been up to -

After a very successful lunch, Mila helps out with the Christmas Day washing up

On our New Years' road trip, Chris decides that he loves the car so much, he'd like to try driving.  

When he's not driving, he prefers to be right into the thick of the action - in the backseat, with the bags and groceries

Mila enjoys a post-breakfast rest in the Taranaki sunshine

...followed by an afternoon rest with the family.

Of course, Chris also welcomes any chance to have a snooze
In early January, the hounds' friend Nonu came to stay. Here Mila shows her patience when Nonu decides she needs protecting while she sleeps...and then (below) reports back on what he saw while she was resting

And just this weekend, we found out that a lie down in the swamp at the park...

leads to a nice cool shower at home and a beautifully clean Chris!       

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