Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Big Thank You!!

When I checked my messages this morning, I was surprised to see a whole heap of really nice comments on my last post congratulating us on our foster/adoption of Chris and asking us how we are getting on. Thanks to everyone for your kind words - they are really nice to hear! Chris is doing very well - settling in nicely and getting used to his new surroundings. As I type away here, he has just come in to see me for a pat and to see what all of the clicking is about. He is still a little nervous to be around us but his tail wags a lot more often now - which is always a good sign! 

One special message I received was from the kids in Room 10 at Coley Street School in Foxton and their teacher, Miss Gorrie (love it!). They have been reading my blog as part of a 'Writing for Purpose' project they are doing at school and sent me a lovely message to say that they have really enjoyed it and to ask me a few questions about Mila and Chris. 

When I started writing my blog, I thought it would be a little bit like a diary...just a place where I could write some funny and (maybe) interesting stories about my dog - and people could read those stories if they wanted to. I never, ever imagined that it would be read at school by a class full of people - and that they would enjoy it. That is just awesome!!

So, thanks to Room 10 (and Kylie) for brightening up my Tuesday - I hope you keep reading (and enjoying)  Mila's adventures! Feel free to drop me an email anytime. 

 And the hounds would also like to express their appreciation: 

P.S. Just after I took this photo, Mila tried to eat her sign!! She slobbered all over it and managed to screw it up. Lucky I got this one in time!


  1. hahah she wanted to endorse the message on the sign by consuming it!

  2. Rachel,Chris and Mila,
    Thank you so much for sharing your facts about your dogs with us. I would really love to meet you,Chris and Mila in person and I would really love to share my story with you about my pet.
    Hope you have a good time with Chris and Mila.
    From Codey

  3. Thank you! I liked your blogs of Chris and Mila.They look like very friendly dogs.I hope you can have one day off work so you can come to our school so everyone in room 10 can see Chris and Mila.

  4. Thank you for sharing Mila and Chris's awesome story. Now that we have read your stories they have inspired us to talk and write about our pets and their life. Hopefully you could bring the dogs to Room 10 and we would love to play with your playful dogs. From Lushaan in Room 10.

  5. Rachel,Chris and Mila

    Thank you for a awesome story it is so awesome and I can't wait to see you!!!

  6. Rachel,Chris and Mila Thank you for replying to Rm10's questions
    and we would love to meet you,Chis and Mila in person.We
    would love to also have a shared lunch with you guys and I would
    love to hear more about your dogs.
    From Justyn

  7. Rachel,Chris,Mila I like your blog because I found the thank you room10 on paper very creative. We'd love to meet Mila and Chris in person. You've inspired us to write our own stories about our own pets.Mila and Chris must get along really well.I can't wait to meet you.
    From Levi

  8. Rachel,Mila and Chris, we love your blogs . We would love to meet you guys in person. We could see who's faster out of Chris and Mila. So thanks for mentioning us in your blog we really appreciated it. P.S Your blogs are awesome.
    See you when you come up here bye.
    From Ripeka.  

  9. Dear Rachel,Chris and Mila it's been a pleasure to read your stories and to learn about Chris and Mila.It would be amazing to meet you Chris and Mila.Your grey hounds sound like amazing pets to have.From McGregor in Room 10.

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  11. Dear Racheal Mila and Chris ,
    Hearing the blogs that you did are so awesome.Im so excited that you would take time of work so we can meet Mila and Chris in person. thanks for answering our questions.Your blogs inspired us to write about our pets as well
    Huge thanks ,Depris .

  12. Dear Rachel,Chris and Mila,
    Thank you for sharing your blogs about Mila and Chris. It would be awesome if you and the dogs came to visit us at Coley Street School. From Shae

  13. Dear Rachel,Mila and Chris,
    Thank you for answering our questions.
    We would absoulutly love if you could take a day of work to come see us in person.
    It would be interesting to see what Mila and Chris would be like. You have inspired us to write about our own pets.
    Thanks heaps
    Room 10

  14. Dear Rachel,Chris and Mila.

    Thank you for replying so quick. Mila and Chris sound like pretty awesome dogs.Also thank you so much for answering our questions. I think it would be a great idea for you,Chris and Mila to come and say hello.Your blog is so awesome you have inspired us to write about our own animals,and we love reading about your adventures with Mila and Chris!

    From Tayla Room 10.

  15. Rachel,Mila and Chris
    It is really kind that you will give up your time to come up to us.We would love to see you and your dogs and share our pet adventures too.Maybe a trip to the beach so Mila and Chris could race against each other.
    Can't wait to meet you.
    Thank you alot.
    From Aimee Room10

  16. Rachel,Chris and Mila

    The picturs you posted were adorable,the thank you was such a clever idea.Having the three of you up here would be awesome, we would love it!!!

  17. Rachel,Chris and Mila,
    Your writting is inspiring and there's a lot of laughter,happiness in our classroom. We love all the cool stories you have written to us. I hope we hear another wonderful story. I love the photos of Mila and Chris and would love to see Mila and Chris in person. They look cool your lucky to have these dogs. I wish I had those dogs.
    From Jacob

  18. Thank You. We love reading your blogs and we would really love to meet you, Mila and Chris in person. You have inspired the whole class to write about what their pets do. Thanks Again.

    From Zehlan

  19. Dear Rachel,Chris & Mila.

    Your blogs are amazing.You have inspired us to write about our pets.Thank you for your kind words & your precious time to answer our questions.We would be very delighted to meet Chris & Mila.Huge Thanks!

    From Shania Room 10.

  20. Rachel, Chris and Mila.
    Thank you so much for inspiring Room 10. I've never met a hound before. My favourite subject is writing.Your blogs are fantastic. You should be so proud of yourself.Congrats for Chris and Mila I'm glad Mila s OK from all the chocolate from your
    flat mate(the teacher)
    Thanks a lot,
    Antonia :]

  21. Rachel, Chris and Mila.

    We are very thankful for the time and effort you have put into your posts, Rachel for writing them and Mila and Chris for making them. We would be very happy if you were able to take a day off work and visit us here at Room 10 Coley Street School

    From Jackson.

  22. Big thanks Rachel,Chris,Mila

    For all of the stories and adventures you have shared with us are amazing. We'd love for you,Chris and Mila to come up to Foxton and meet us in person and we could take Chris and Mila down to the beach for that race. It would be a pleasure to meet you all. Congrats on adopting Chris I wish you the best of luck.

    woof woof!

  23. Dear Rachel, Mila and Chris

    Thank you for answering our questions, sorry about your experiment with the cat. Your blogs have inspired us to create our own little pieces about our pets. I love how you named Mila, it suits. we would be delighted to have you come to our school, and maybe have a race to see if Mila or Chris would win.
    Thank you, Eva

  24. Dear Rachel,Chris and Mila
    I'm Trae and I'm in room10 Coley Street School. Thanks for writing about what we wrote to you. The class is really excited about you and Chris and Mila for giving us that offer.From Trae

  25. Rachel,Chris and Mila,
    Thank you for sharing your amazing stories with us.We would like you to come to room10 for a day.
    From Morgan

  26. Rachel,Mila and Chris
    Thanks Rachel,Mila and Chris for Sharing your stories.
    Many thanks

  27. hi im anna-lee one of the kids in room 10 at coley street school foxton my whole class would love if u could come up and take a day off work we hope to see u and Chris and Mila and maybe go to the beach and have a picnic and also see who will win in race out of Mila and Chris :)p.s just absoulutly loving your stories

  28. I've missed a couple of posts, welcome Chris:) I met him a few weeks ago and he's such a lovely boy. I hope you'll all be very happy together, it sounds like he's making himself right at home:)

  29. That's brilliant! It's so good to see Chris settling in with you. Love the photos, too!

    Big WOOFS from Solo :-)