Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A dose of the winter blues

Our household has been struck down with a good dose of not feeling very well lately, which has meant that we have been hibernating a wee bit and have a distinct lack of interesting stories.

Firstly, as an update on Tommy, he is currently back at the GAP kennels with the lovely ladies there – in what I like to call ‘rehab’ – spending some time with dogs of all shapes and sizes (including some Greyhound friends) and hopefully helping him to get over some of the issues with on-lead aggression that he developed in his time with us. He has been back there for a couple of weeks now and I’m hoping to hear how he is getting on soon – and particularly, whether or not he is able to come back to live with us in Wellington or is better placed in a different environment.

Tommy, the couch sneaker, hoping we won't notice if he joins us for a coffee in the lounge
I am told that the little dog that Tommy hurt is recovering well from its injuries. Stitches are being removed next week and it is gradually returning to its usual, chirpy self. The owner of the other dog has been very good with keeping us up to date with the recovery process which has been really nice.
Mila has spent her time getting used to being “lone wolf” once again. She got to come along in the car on the journey to Sanson with Tommy where she got to catch up with Sonja and Irene, got her nails done, and was told that she was looking beautiful and glossy, but a little on the slim side. You can imagine what kind of ego boost that all gave her…and being told that you have to eat more, when you are a Greyhound who loves food, is never a bad thing! She was a little bit mopey to start off with when she got home without her buddy – but a new squeaky toy quickly put paid to that! She is currently enjoying having access to ALL the beds and being allowed to sneak into our bedroom and snuggle up on the floor on the nights that it is particularly cold. She also gets to wear TWO sets of pyjamas on those nights – and wanders around the house like the Michelin Man, rugged up nice and warm and able to sit herself down wherever she pleases with an instant bed wrapped around her.

Last week, she celebrated her one-year retirement anniversary in style with some roaching on her favourite couch, a special long walk to the park and a mid-day treat of a Kong filled with peanut butter and possum meat. What a way to spend an anniversary, huh?!

Mila enjoying life on her "retirement anniversary"
I also discovered that Mila is also a very good nurse after she spent the best part of two days rugged up beside me on the floor to keep me company as I lay in bed recovering from the worst of a cold. She would get up every couple of hours and poke her snout onto my pillow to check I was doing okay, before wandering back to her post and going back to sleep herself. I’m sure that the opportunity to sit right next to the heater to keep super warm had absolutely nothing to do with her decision to hang out with me!

Unfortunately, poor Milly has been a bit sick herself these last few days, with an onset of vomiting, diarrhoea and crying making for an interesting time. She is eating and drinking normally at the moment (I suspect it would take something more than a silly tummy bug for our girl to lose her appetite!!) but is certainly not her usual self, so we will need to keep an eye on things over the next few days. We are looking forward to an adventure over the hill to Castlepoint in the Wairarapa on Sunday for a beach run and a spot of lunch with some of the other GAP hounds in the area and their human housemates, so we don’t want a boring old tummy bug getting in the way of us being able to do that!  

Well, that's all to report for now. Looking forward to having a few photos of the hounds at their beach run to post next week! 

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