Monday, 14 May 2012

When Mila met Tommy (Go To Crow)

Over the weekend, our very first foster greyhound Tommy (Go To Crow) came to stay with us. He was driven up from the mighty Manawatu by the lovely Fatima and Sue and arrived at our place at about 5pm on Saturday night.

Tommy is 3 years old (he turns 4 tomorrow!!!) and is a big black hound like Mila, with the most piercing brown eyes I have ever seen - just check out this picture taken of him for the GAP website:
Gorgeous Tommy's head shot for GAP - who could say no to those eyes?
At the moment, it is difficult to tell the two dogs apart (especially if you don’t get a proper look) but Tommy’s floppy ears and his green and gold collar usually give him away. Like Mila, he has a long waggy tail which is just starting to get some exercise as he gets used to being with us. If you have seen Mila’s tail in action, you can just imagine what two flicky tails look like as we are getting ready to go for a (very exciting!!) walk outside.

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Relaxing in the crate
Tommy has made a nice little home for himself in the crate set up next to Mila’s green couch. At first he was a bit reluctant to go inside, but he is still very much in racer mode and we quickly discovered that he will happily go into the crate if we walk him into it like it is a race box (…proof that greyhounds LOVE to race???). He now goes in there voluntarily when he wants to chill out and the two hounds spend long hours of the day lazing next to each other in their little corner, getting up every once in a while to go outside to toilet. Of course, it is impossible for one to go outside without the other following closely behind!! 
Tommy walks beautifully on-lead and is very patient and calm when we come across other dogs (or unfamiliar objects) on our walks (something he is teaching Mila!!) – just this morning on our walk we heard a Tui singing in the trees behind us and Tommy stopped to listen to the music (and work out who was whistling at him!!)

Lazy Sunday morning, waiting for a walk
 So far, Tommy’s favourite thing at our house is Mila – and our big black shadow seems to have gained a big black shadow of her own!! Tommy likes to lick Mila’s face to say hello and while Mila does her best to pretend that she is unimpressed by her new housemate…we know that secretly, she really enjoys it.

You can read some more about Tommy - and see some awesome photos of him in the GAP van at Fatima's blog here:


  1. Awww Rachel... he looks so chilled out LOL! Love the pic of him and Mila on a Sunday morning! :) Gorgeous doggies -so funny how they are almost the same size and so similar in looks! :) I will add the link to this to GAP site. :) THANK YOU So much for fostering Tommy :)

  2. Great to see that Tommy has settled in so well and loves his foster sister, although what's not to love;)