Monday, 16 January 2012

Lazy, hazy days of Summer

On Sunday, we celebrated our 3-month anniversary with Mila Grey (and my 6 month wedding anniversary). It was a beautiful sunny Wellington day so we decided to take a mid-afternoon wander to the shops for an ice cream as a little anniversary treat.

We got home with our Magnums and pulled Mila’s bed out from the hallway into a little shady spot on the front door step.  We parked ourselves in our deck chairs to eat our icecreams and read our books (fair to say that we didn’t get much housework done yesterday!). Mila sat patiently for a couple of minutes and then came over to sniff my icecream. When it was clear that she wasn’t getting anything from me (not only is it chocolate, but I LOVE icecream far too much for sharing!!), she tried her luck with Mike before wandering back to her mat with her head down and a “Where’s mine?!?” look in her eyes. 

So, I went inside to the freezer and pulled out our last lemonade ice block for her to try, sat back down in my deck chair with my icecream in one hand and hers in the other and we went about eating our treats and enjoying the rest of the afternoon sun. Mila caught on to the licking technique fairly quickly - although she was more interested in licking the wrapper than the ice block itself. She got about quarter of the way through before deciding that it wasn’t really fun anymore (we humans having long finished our icecreams by then) and went back to sleep in the sun:

Yey! My very own ice block!!
It smells wonderful...but what do I do with it?

Yeah! That's yum!!
Maybe if I use my tongue??

Time to get the tongue really going!


  1. I give my dogs plain old ice cubes when it's hot, that way if they lose interest and it melts it's just a small non-sticky puddle. :)

  2. Lol, I've never tried Beryl with anything but a water iceblock and she is quite partial to them on a hot day. Mila looks like she is really enjoying her lemonade iceblock even if she only had half of it:)

  3. I heard that some people freeze chicken stock into ice cubes and give them to hounds on a hot day. I must try that! :)
    Mila looks so gorgeous and happy :)